• Patrick Rankin

Top 5 Things NOT To Miss During Routine Inspections.

Updated: Mar 12, 2020

These 5 top things to look out for during inspections have been complied based on thousands of inspections I have done, for thousands of tenancies over the past 10 years.

I used to do 17 a day! It took Jedi level focus and stamina which you can now have instantly with this quick cheat sheet below.

1. Lawns - During summer, lawns are generally well presented. And if not, I take that as a sign that something is not right - Investigate further. During winter it can get very wet, so I can be more forgiving.

2. Walls, Floors and Ceilings - A quick scan for carpet stains, pen marks on walls especially in kids rooms, and signs of leaks in the ceiling will do you well. Doing inspections during wetter months are a good time to pick up on any leaks. Take note of any Mould on ceilings - a spray bottle mixed with water and a little mould killer is a quick fix... especially for behind curtains. Tip - The bottle can be left with tenants to use, which gives you a good excuse to come back to pick it up your bottle and check on their work.

3. Sinks, Baths and Showers. Wet rooms and hot water cylinders are areas where water damage will eventually occur. If you are not checking these areas, you will miss something at some point and it will cost you. Always check wet areas! A friend of mine missed a hot water cylinder and it cost the company several thousand in compensation.

4. Smoke alarms. It is illegal to tamper with smoke alarms during tenancies, and it is a legal requirement to ensure they are working at the start of tenancies. It’s also a real pain in the neck to have cheap smoke alarms that go off often, and people will take batteries out to replace them... but never actually get around to putting the new batteries in... don’t let it sit on the counter top until your next inspection. Installing good quality long life alarms in the right locations around the house will help you sleep better at night.

5. Check the Garage. Is it a normal garage... a suspicious one... or is it being used for illegal activity? I have found marijuana been left out, and I’ve had a few serious talks with tenants about it being an illegal activity in New Zealand. I have also picked up on signs of a methamphetamine lab... which lead to a long eviction and insurance claim. Thus, always check the garage!

Lastly, leave a kind note or send a quick message to the tenants to let them know your done, and bring up anything straight away. Make sure you book your follow up visit before you leave.

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