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Cuddling Buddies


We Don’t Force You To Stay. We Earn Your Business, So You Won’t Want To Leave.

This is a low cost way to try us out. You stay in control with your tenants paying rent directly to you. If you fall in love with our service, you can change your plan anytime. 

All you need to do is pay for your month in advance, and if you decide you no longer need us, just see out the end of your prepaid month. 
The service includes...
1. Rental arrears management. 
2. Rental reviews. 
3. Routine inspections and reports. 
4. Inspection follow up with tenants. 
5. Repairs and maintenance management. 
6. Lease reviews and renewals. 
7. Eviction management. 
8. Tenancy tribunal applications.
9. Tribunal hearing attendance. 
10. Enforcement of court orders as needed.

Try our no-commitment contract today, and get your rental property back in track FAST.

Family Viewing House


With A Personalized Approach.

Through this service offering, you can count on us take care of all your property management needs for one competitive all inclusive fee, with no extra charges for processing water bills and invoices, or letting.  

This service will provide you with...
1. The best tenants. 
2. The most rent. 
3. Routine, exit and entry inspections.
4. Bond management.

5. Repairs and maintenance reported and done by vetted tradesmen. 

6. Letting services.

7. 24/7 customer support. 

8. Conflict management. 

9. Tenancy tribunal applications. 

10. Enforcement of court orders as needed.

11. Monthly and end of year financial statements.

12. Processing water rates.

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