Our Success Formula 

Experience. Knowledgeable. Professional. Approachable.  

Who we are

The Good Neighbours team is lead by Patrick Rankin, a qualified and experienced property manager who founded Good Neighbours for landlords who want the finest service and the latest technologies out of their real estate and property management services.


The team offer extensive knowledge, backed by consumer research and leading systems technology to solve your real estate problems.

Our BIG Fundamentals 

With each new client we ask the question “If the new client agrees to pay for our service, will their life be better?” AND “By carrying out our service, will the world be a better place then it was before we began?” The answers to these questions have formed how we interact and carry out each of the BIG FUNDAMENTALS of our operating practices listed below.

1. Place finding Good Tenants over achieving Low Vacancy. 

2. Manage good quality homes because they attract good tenants.

3. Conduct thorough inspections methodically and consistently.

4. Always communicate repairs and maintenance with landlords.

5. Send friendly rent arrears reminders at day 1, and 14 day notices on the 3rd consecutive day.

6. Always handle difficult situations in person.

7. If email and phone fail. Knock on the door! 

8. Be meticulous with record keeping and keys.

9. Keep learning about our craft.

10. Build big buffers and margins of safety.

11. Always pretend it is your grandmother on the other end of the line, and imagine that she has a Twitter following of 80,000 people. 

12. Don’t take yourself too seriously!

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