• Patrick Rankin

Sharing the cost of your fence with your neighbour

Updated: Nov 20, 2020

The fencing act 1978 provides that neighbours must each pay half the cost to do work on an adequate fence.

Neighbours can often agree on matters without outside assistance, and any agreement is enforceable and can be registered as a fencing covenant on the properties title.

A fencing notice should then be handed to your neighbour and should include reference to the boundary, the type of fence, who will build the fence and how it will be built, the cost and when it will be built.

the notice should also give your neighbour 21 days serve a cross notice or else they will be deemed to have accepted the terms in the fencing notice including the liability to pay the amount proposed.

Property managers generally do not work in this area, but I have been asked to do so several times and thought I’d share this information I found from Smith & Partners - smithpartners.co.nz

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