• Patrick Rankin

Five Steps To A Safe Viewing Environment During Level 3

As you know, we are going into Level 3 of our COVID-19 response tomorrow, and some businesses will open with strict guidelines, including Property Management. This post covers the five steps we ask viewers to understand and follow before they attend a viewing to ensure a safe environment for each bubble.

Appointments Viewers must be on time, and wait in the car until their viewing time starts. At which point I will call them on the phone with instructions to proceed to the property entrance. Late arrivals may loose their viewing time, and will need to wait in their car for a new viewing time.

Maximum Attendees No more than 2 people will be allowed into the property at any one time. We recommend only 2 people from your bubble attend the viewing.

Social Distancing While at the viewing, ensure physical distancing of 2 meters is maintained at all times with the property managers and any other people outside of your bubble.

Contact Tracing We reserve the right to store your contact details, and share if required, solely for the purposes of any future contract tracing, should it be necessary

Health and Safety No attendees are permitted who may have been unwell or self-isolating in the 14 days prior to the viewing

These steps are non-negotiable, and will ensure a safe viewing environment for everyone. I look forward to my open homes tomorrow, and wish you all well during your transitions to level 3.

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