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Is your Property Maintenance always urgent?

Updated: Dec 30, 2019

Most landlords get reactive maintenance done. It’s always urgent, and happens at the worst time. A simple example is waiting for the gutters to overflow before clearing them. Once they overflow, water can run into the ceiling and down the walls. Causing damage to the ceiling, the wall, and the carpets. In some cases even damaging the tenant's furniture. A simple annual gutter clean would save a lot of time and money.

Luxury sports cars are not as expensive, and do not provide income. Yet, they are often better maintained then a rental property. Even normal cars can be better maintained then a rental property.

Proactive maintenance will keep your home in good condition. Making it easier to tenant, cheaper to maintain in the long run, and keep it well presented if you ever decided to sell or move back in.

Basic annual maintenance should include a gutter clean, a chimney clean, a heat pump service, a house wash, and water blasting decks and driveways. Also, I would recommend a garden and tree growth maintenance plan, especially if your property is amongst bush and bird song.

As a Property Manager I have developed a squad of trades people I trust. I know what they charge, and the quality of their work. This saves time on quotes and having to cross your fingers hoping the cheap tradesman you found will do a half decent job.

I would be happy to recommend any of my trusted trades people to you if you needed. Just send me an email or call, I’l love to hear from you.

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