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Signs your tenant is dealing.

Updated: Jan 30, 2020

Having a tenant sell drugs from your rental is not a scenario you would expect when planning to invest in real estate.

But it was a reality for a client of mine. They came to me after purchasing their first investment property, which had the tenant in place.

I suspected something sinister was afoot when the following things all came together at the same time:

1. The tenant rescheduled my routine inspection for the second time in a row, and

2. The general condition of the house is poor and gets worse each time I visit.

3. I noticed a hidden camera outside the garage. 4. One room in the sleep out was locked.

When I spotted the camera, I had to stay cool and pretend I had not seen it. But with that bit of knowledge, I made every effort to move them out FAST!. I was fortunate to have done it quickly and gracefully for my client.

The tenants ended up burning their next rental down, before they were finally arrested. I was pleased I had got them out of my clients rental property before that happened.

Being of service to my clients when it really counts, is what gives me real satisfaction as a Property Manager.

I hope my track record demonstrates that I deeply care about my clients. If you enjoyed this story, please comment and subscribe.

Patrick Rankin

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