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This is an Airbnb consultation service focusing on creating a listing that stands out from your competitors. Leading to more bookings and higher occupancy.  

Together, we will focus on...

1. Location. We will highlight your locations amenities with great photos. We will create a annual calendar of your peak seasons, local events, and help plan your daily rates to suit.  

2. Target market. Narrowing down the type of guest you aim to attract will give you the insight needed to improve their guest experience.

3. Decor. We will help you select the right decor to meet budget, reflect your location, serve your target market and to look great in photos.

4. Function. We help set up your entrance, kitchen, lounge, bedrooms and bathrooms to be fully functional for guest use. 

5. Photos. Our service will include professional photography. A combination of professional photos highlighting good decor will create a listing that your targeted guest can not refuse.

Now that you have considered these steps, let’s schedule a meeting to dive deeper into your Airbnb listing. 

This service costs $1000 +GST. It includes 5 hours of our time to personally help you source and purchase furnishings, and decorate your Airbnb listing. Start today and get professional photos for your listing included with this service. 

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This is an Airbnb consultation service covering how to increase bookings, maximise daily rates, turn rooms around and gain 5 star reviews.

Together, we will focus on...

1. Bookings. Getting the most bookings is about using multiple platforms, vetting your guests, providing 24/7 customer service, and managing dynamic daily rates to maximise occupancy.

2. Key Exchanges. This is about a friendly and welcoming check-in, and a smart check-out process.

3. The Guest Experience. This is about doing the small things well. Like a good home guide, fresh coffee, bathroom kits, fresh linen and towels.

4. Maintaining your property. This is about the common repairs and maintenance needed to keep your property in good condition for peak seasons. 

5. Co-hosting. You need someone you can trust to manage things while you take time off. A Co-Host will manage things while you are away. 

This service costs $1000 +GST. It includes 5 hours of our time to personally help you set up your Airbnb business systems. Start today and our co-hosing service will be available to you whenever needed. 

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If running your own Airbnb business sounds like a lot of work, then our Airbnb Management Service is here for you. 

We aim to achieve 80%+ occupancy, and maximise rental income using dynamic pricing based on season, local events and competing properties. 

We work to ensure guests check in and out with ease and enjoy every aspect of their stay. 

We focus on quality cleaning and quick inventory top up to ensure the property is ready for your next guest.

This service costs 20% +GST of monthly rental income. Join today and get a free Airbnb set up consultation. 

A dedicated property manager is ready to serve you today.